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Natural Bud Only Shop offers top quality Cannabis Edibles for sale, all products are lab tested and come from California marijuana dispensaries. We sell weed edibles including weed baked goods, cannabutter, marijuana olive oil and hash oils for sale online.

Buy cannabis edibles online Natural Bud – Weed Dispensary! We’ve got the largest selection of herbals, concentrates, shatter, wax, oils, Rosin, CBD Oil, Thc oil, THC edibles and more. Shop Now.

Baked Bros Gummie Bears 300mg

Baked Bros Gummie Bears 300mg Sour Kush Kids were awarded Best Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver 2014. It is one of Baked Bros top choice edibles. Baked Bros™ offers six different varieties of hand infused hash oil gummies in three different strengths: 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg.

Baked Bros™ Watermelon Kush Slices

Baked Bros™ Watermelon Kush Slices is a stackable, watermelon pizza candy that comes in a dispenser and is available in multiple sizes.  

Baked Killer Caramel Bite 100 mg THC | Baked Edible

Baked Killer Caramel Bite 100 mg THC for sale.Our Killer Fish are undoubtedly irresistible! We mix cheddar cheese fish crackers with our proprietary spice blend to create the perfect medicated snack. Each 4-ounce bag contains approximately 6 servings totaling 95 mg THC. These are a perfect option for micro dosing and easy anytime snacking. Try and you’ll know why!

Beboe’s Cannabis Pastilles

Beboe’s Cannabis Pastilles is a sweet, chocolate treat that will leave you satisfied and enlightened.

Blaze Chocolates Head Trip Edibles

Blaze Chocolates Head Trip Edibles come in delicious flavors such as: Original Cruella Avec Rocher, Caramel Cocao, and Cherry Cola.

CBD Infused Caramel weed strain

CBD Infused Caramel has a classic caramel taste with a slight hint of vanilla and an earthy finish.  

Doctor Terpene Pain (5 Bottles)

Doctor Terpene Pain Relief is a medical cannabis topical with a proprietary combination of terpenes, CO2 extracted organic hemp oil, and all natural hemp derived Cannabinoids.


EdiPure EDIBLES is a premium cannabis oil-based edible brand made from 100% natural, gluten-free ingredients.

Natural Bud Only Weed Dispensary cannabis edibles customer service continues to grow and evolve. Now we can supply our members with a variety of new products designed to give them relief from pain and nausea, while enhancing their overall wellness. We look forward to serving you and trust that all your needs will be fully met.

Our goal at Natural Bud Only Weed Dispensary is to provide the purest, best quality weed edibles delivered directly to your door at affordable prices. We believe that once you try our service, you will be hooked!

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