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Cartridges for weed . Natural Bud Only Dispensary We offer a large selection of different cartridges for your weed flavored needs. Our cartridges come with the highest amount of THC possible and they allow you to smoke fluid and TCH vapors. Just turn on the cartridge and inhale like a regular ecigarette, then exhale the vapor into the air. The cartridge is made with pure organic oil and it is also refillable.

Natural Bud Only Dispensary offers high-quality cannabis oil in cartridges. The oils are extracted from CO2 Cannabis, grown pesticide free, sustainably grown, and all products are lab tested to ensure quality.

MuhaCart Orange Cookies

Muhacart Orange Cookies strain is really an indica-leaning hybrid featuring more info a comparatively superior average THC level of all around 21%.

MuhaCart Pineapple Express

MuhaCart Pineapple Express weed is a favorite among growers as well as those who desire a mellow strain.

MuhaCart Watermelon

MuhaCart Watermelon is a 100% feminized, autoflowering cannabis seed, with a super high THC and low CBD level.

MuhaCarts Cherry Pie

The MuhaCarts Cherry Pie strain is the third strain of the Muha line of products.

MuhaCarts Green Crack

MuhaCarts Green Crack is an organic, unrefined, caffeine hash extract. It's made from the purest extract of coffee cherries and comes in small hand-wrapped nugget packages.

MuhaCarts Ice Cream Cookies Weed Strain

MuhaCarts Ice Cream Cookies are a delicious treat that will satiate your tongue and savor.

MuhaCarts King Louis XVIII Weed Strain

MuhaCarts King Louis XVIII is a pure indica strain, with THC content of 20% and CBD of 0.3%.

MuhaCarts Strawberry Shortcake Weed Strain

MuhaCarts Strawberry Shortcake is a single-milled indica-dominant hybrid, consisting of Mango Kush and Bubba Kush.

These tasty cartridges come jammed with distillate from our most popular vape strains. All of our cartridges are pre-filled at dispensary using pure, organic distillate and 100% lab tested. Not only do we offer a superior vape experience but all of our cartridges are professionally packaged in sleek boxes with convenient push-top lids so you never have to dig for your cartridge.

Pick one of our carefully curated strains or let us choose for you. We offer over 30 unique blends for every smoking experience, each with its own distinct aroma and flavor. Each order contains 3 freshly filled vaporizer cartridges. All of our blends are THC-free just like our single origin pour-over coffee!

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