Blue Dream Sugar Wax(Sativa)

Blue Dream Sugar Wax(Sativa) Small Batch M573″[74.37% THC] 12/17 What is Sugar wax and how is it different? Sugar wax may be a marijuana concentrate with a full flavor and a rather mealy texture. It’s a bit less mussy than a number of the opposite kinds of concentrates as it’s a small amount thicker and virtually as sticky. Many folks like sugar wax for its richer, additional advanced flavour profile.

Blue God Flower Rosin

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Blue God/Death Bubba Stratos Spheres

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Bubba Star Hash Rosin

It has a potency of 72.16% THC, 0.09% CBG, and 0.87% CBD. It has top three terpenes in this hash rosin are; 1. beta-Caryophyllene at 7.7 mg/g 2. Geraniol at 2.3 mg/g 3. a-Humulene at 2.2 mg/g