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AK 47 Strain | alk 47 | ak47 seeds

AK 47 Strain can leave you relaxed and mellow. This Sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a gradual and lasting cerebral buzz that keeps you mentally alert and engaged in artistic or social activities.

Alice in Wonderland Strain

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Blue Diesel Strain | Blue city diesel

Blue Diesel strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The effects include cerebral energy and euphoria, accompanied by a clear-headed, creative high.  

Dogwalker OG Strain

Dogwalker OG Strain is an Indica-dominant strain, which has incredible relaxing properties.

Dr Who Strain

Dr Who Strain is a great one for relaxation. The mix is a sativa dominant strain with nice balanced high.

Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy Purple Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid of Big Bud and Purple Urkle strains.

La Confidential Strain

La Confidential Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an uplifting sense of euphoria.

Mango Kush Strain

Mango Kush is a hybrid with THC: 22.27%, CBD: 0.18% and CBN: 0.11%.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Strain (gsc)

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strain is a hybrid of Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Cherry Pie strains.

Sensi Star Strain

The Sensi Star strain is a cross of the potent super heavyweight varieties White Widow (Indica dominant) and Sensi Skunk (Sativa dominant).

Sour Disel Strain

Sour Diesel strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that's legendary among East Coast and California growers and connoisseurs.

Train Wreck Strain

Train Wreck Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that's potent enough to cause hallucinatory cerebral effects when consumed in high doses.