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Exotic Carts Grape Ape

Exotic Carts Grape Ape cartridge is specifically formulated to harness the medicinal properties of whole-plant cannabis for optimum therapeutic effects.

Exotic Carts Grape Head

Buy Exotic Carts Grape Head online from us at the most affordable prices

Exotic Carts Grape Pie

Exotic Carts Grape Pier is a cross of blueberry and white grape, with some cake notes thrown in for good measure.  

Exotic Carts Grease Monkey Strain

Exotic Carts Grease Monkey Vape Catridge by Exotic Carts is a perfect addition to your e-liquid collection.

Exotic Carts Gushers

Exotic Carts Gushers is a combination of Gushers gummies and a premium Obey Your Thirst beverage.

Exotic Carts King Louis XIII

Exotic Carts King Louis XIII is a meticulously designed e-liquid cartridge to suit your vaping needs.

Exotic Carts Lemon Tree

Exotic Carts Lemon Tree Vape Pen Cartridge is a unique cartridge that offers a smooth hit similar to vaporizing, but with all the convenience of vaping oils.

Exotic Carts Skittles Strain

Exotic Carts Skittles strain was created using a combination of Cinderella 99, Big Purple Haze and Lemon Skunk.

Exotic Carts Whitefire OG

Exotic Carts Whitefire OG is a cross between a Skunk #1 and the original Team Canada, this plant is absolute white firry, fast flowering Indica.

Fruity Carts Pebbles Dank Vape

Fruity Carts Pebbles Dank Vape is a delicious vape with fruity carts and pebbles.

Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy Purple Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid of Big Bud and Purple Urkle strains.

Harlequin CBD Hemp Flower

Harlequin CBD Hemp Flower was high-CBD before it was cool to be high-CBD.