MuhaCart Orange Cookies

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MuhaCart Watermelon

MuhaCart Watermelon To get a brief start on muha meds carts flavors. Muha Meds oil is a 100% solvent pesticide

MuhaCarts Cherry Pie

Buy MuhaCarts Cherry Pie Earthy berry blend

MuhaCarts Green Crack

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MuhaCarts Ice Cream Cookies

The ice cream cookies muha meds disposable for sale contains cannabis oil extracted from the ice cream cookies weed strain. This weed strain results as a cross between gelato and wedding cake. As a result the ice cream cookies disposable portrays indica dominance of up to 90%. People often mistake this muha meds disposable cart to be a pure indica. However the high from this disposable starts off with a sativa effect hence making sure you know its hybrid nature. The ice cream cookies muhameds burns to give a rich sweet delicious flavor.

MuhaCarts King Louis XVIII

A California creation, King Louis XIII was bred by combining two popular varieties; OG Kush and LA Confidential. It’s a rare OG Kush variant that has seen limited distribution outside the West Coast. In traditional OG fashion, King Louis has an earthy pine fragrance with layers of fuel and funk. King Louis also provides a heavy citrus dimension.

MuhaCarts Strawberry Shortcake


Strawberry shortcake muha meds for sale

The strawberry shortcake muha meds for sale contains 100% cannabis oil. Muha meds fills this cartridge with cannabis oil from the strawberry shortcake strain. This weed strain comes from the crossing of white wookie with the white. This gives a heavy hitting indica strain. The strawberry shortcake muhameds burns to give a strong and delicious strawberry fruit flavor. It equally gives a tropical feel after exhaling. Muhameds does the optimum best to make sure these cartridges do not contain additives like pesticides, vitamin E and all the rest. The extraction process also does its best to keep as much of the original flavor as possible.